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$25 Gift Certificate

3 Month Cooking with Sauce Tool of the Month Club Membership

3 Month Cutlery Tool of the Month Club Membership

3 Month Membership to BBQ Tool of the Month Club

A Man, A Can, A Grill Cookbook

Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle

Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle - 24 inch

Chile Grill - Std. Shape 12- Stainless Steel

Meat Thermometers - Tip


Tool Wizard Grill Brush

Universal 13 inch x 13 inch Fry Griddle

$50 Gift Certificate

12 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

3.5 In. Replacement Scrubbies

6 Month Cooking with Sauce Tool of the Month Club Membership

6 Month Cutlery Tool of the Month Club Membership

6 Month Membership to BBQ Tool of the Month Club

9 1/3 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

BBQ and Sausage Secrets Book

Finishing Sauces - Tip

Jalapeno Corer


Universal 16 inch x 14 inch Fry Griddle

$100 Gift Certificate


6 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

9 Month Cooking with Sauce Tool of the Month Club Membership

9 Month Cutlery Tool of the Month Club Membership

9 Month Membership to BBQ Tool of the Month Club

Beer-Can Chicken Book

Original Poly Handle - Tool Wizard Brush Special

Poly Handle - Tool Wizard Brush Special

Slicing Meat -Tip

Small Spring Bucket with Insulated Liner

Universal 26 inch x 14 inch Fry Griddle

12 Month Cooking with Sauce Tool of the Month Club Membership

12 Month Cutlery Tool of the Month Club Membership

12 Month Membership to BBQ Tool of the Month Club

Barbecue Hook

Bradley Smoker - Recipe Collection

Professional 15 inch x 16 inch Fry Griddle

Skewers and Barbecue - Tip

Avoid the Sugars - Tip

Chili Pepper Grilling Set

Dutch Oven Tripod - 50 Inches

Professional 15 inch x 32 inch Fry Griddle

Super Scissor Tongs

Camp Chef Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

Cowboy Flavor Cookbook - Season One

Grilling Veggies - Tip

Professional 18 inch x 24 inch Fry Griddle

High Quality Leather Grilling Gloves

Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook

Outdoor Axe

Professional 37 inch x 16 inch Fry Griddle

The Bone -Tip

Tool Wizard Spatula

Fish & Shellfish Grilled and Smoked Book

Fry Griddle 21 x 13.5

Leaping Frog Spring Buckets

Perforated Spatula 15 inch

Turkey Cordon Blue - Tip

Fry Griddle 23.5 x 16

Great American Barbecue & Grilling Manual

Keep it Moist - Tip

Mini Rake

Spatula 15 Inch

Griddle 12 x 16

Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Book

Quick Start the Barbecue - Tip

22 Inch BBQ Spatula

Bear Paws

Chips and Chunks - Tip

Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue Sauce Book

17 Inch Monster Fork

Meat Crust Prep - Tip

Planking Secrets

Check Your Barbecue Equipment

Raichlen Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

Is a rotisserie for you?

Raichlen's Indoor Grilling

Got your thermometers? - Tip

Marshmallow Skewers

Recipe Book Vol. 1- For Bradley Smokers

Are your thermometers accurate?

Seafood Grilling Twice a Week Book

Barbecue Season Is Here!

Smoke & Spice Book

Steak Lovers Cookbook

What are you good at? - Tip

Stuck in a rut? - Tip

The Barbecue! Bible Book

The Best Little Marinades Cookbook

The Bible of Sauces Book

The Gas Grill Gourmet Book

The Great BBQ Sauce Book

The River Cottage Meat Book

Wildlife Seasoning Recipes Booklet

Ribs going on the grill soon? - Tip

Steven Raichlen - Primal Grilling - Vol. 1 - DVD


How To Barbecue Chicken - DVD

How To Barbecue Shoulder - DVD

Keep that charcoal dry! - Tip

How To Barbecue Whole Hog - DVD

Proper use of BBQ sauce when cooking - Tip

Spritzing Ribs - Tip

Wood Smoke BBQ - Tip

Natural & Lump Charcoal - Tip

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Apple

The BurgerMate

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Bourbon Rub Seasoning

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Nedra D's Hickory Rub with Garlic

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Cherry

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Fajita Rub

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Lil Shags

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Mesquite

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Mojave Garlic Pepper

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Tammy's Herbal Rub with Garlic

John Henrys Rubs & Spices - Texas Brisket Seasoning

Jaccard Meat Tenderizing Machine

Jaccard Professional Meat Tenderizer

Dough Cutters

Cedar Grilling Planks

Alder Grilling Planks

Plank Cooking Cookbook

Georgia Fatwood Fire Starter

Lightning Nugget Fire Starters

SOJOE Kokopelli Rustic Patina Firepit

SOJOE Star and Moon Rustic Patina Firepit

SOJOE Wild Life Rustic Patina Firepit

Vinyl Weather Cover for Rustic Firepit

Big Rick's Chipotle Bar-B-Q Sauce

Big Rick's Chipotle Ketchup

Big Rick's Original Big Taste Bar-B-Q Sauce

Big Rick's Premium Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce

Color Range BBQ Thermometer

Rotisserie Thermometer

Tel-Tru BBQ Pit Thermometer

Gourmet Grilling and BBQ Tool Gift Set

Outdoorsman BBQ and Cooking Tool Gift Set

The Problem Solver BBQ and Grilling Tool Set

Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set

The Tailgater Gift Set

The RVer Gift Set

Smoke and Fire Gift Set

Redi-Check Dual Probe Full Feature Remote Thermometer

The Total Package Gift Set

Cracked Pepper BBQ Rub - Knox Rubs

Jamaican Jerk BBQ Rub - Knox BBQ Rub

Chipotle BBQ Rub - Knox BBQ Rub



Ole Ray's BLACKBERRY WINE BBQ and Cooking Sauce


Basque Norte Marinade

Head Country Gift Set

Head Country Original BBQ Sauce

Head Country Hickory BBQ Sauce

Head Country Hot BBQ Sauce

Cowboy Flavor BBQ Seasoning

Cutting Board for the Tool Box Grill

Grill Cover for the Tool Box Grill

Grill Lifter for Tool Box Grill

BBQ Basics Gift Set - with Bonus Basting Brush !

Portable Rotisserie Grilling Basket

Non-Stick Shaker Basket

Charcoal Companion - Flip N Easy Rectangular Baskets

Charcoal Companion - Non-Stick Triple Fish Baskets

Charcoal Companion - Ultimate Fish Baskets

Charcoal Companion - Ultimate Rectangular Baskets

Expandable Grill Basket

Kabob Baskets - Set of 4

Non-Stick Single Fish Grilling Basket

Rectangular Grilling Basket

Sausage Grilling Basket

Small Charcoal Lighter Basket

Stainless Steel Grilling Basket

Non-Stick Flat Spit Rotisserie Grill Basket

Non-Stick Tumble Baskets

Cajun Injector Commercial Fat Boy Injectors 6 inch

Marinade Injector

Steven Raichlen Marinade Injector

"Beer Can" Sittin' Chickens

10.5 Quart Aluminum Deep Fry Pot

12 Inch Dutch Oven Chile Grill

30 Inch Grill Brush

4 Piece Bar Utility Knife Set with Cutting Board

50 Foot Coiled Go Anywhere Hose

6 Piece Jumbo Style Steak Knife With Rosewood Handle

6 Piece Paring Knife Set

6 Piece Steak Knife Set by Dexter Russell

7 Inch Santoku Knife

7.5 Quart Cast Iron Pot Set

All-Purpose Camp - Dutch Oven Table Wtih Legs

Apple Wood Smoking Chips

Bad Byron's Butt Rub Seasoning - Large

Bad Byron's Butt Rub Seasoning - Small

Barabicu Salt Free Dry Rub Spice Blend

Barbecue Meat Hook

Barbecue Sauce of the Month Club Membership

Barbecue Whole Chicken Hook

BBQ Tool of the Month Club Membership

Beverage Holders

Big Head Replaceable Head Grill Brush

Bone Suckin BBQ Sauces - Hot

Bone Suckin BBQ Sauces - Regular

Bone Suckin BBQ Sauces - Thicker Style

Bone Suckin' Rib Rubs

Bradley Digital Smoker 108 P

Bradley Digital Smoker 76 P

Burg Hamburger Press

Cabernet BBQ Sauce from Steven Raichlen

Cajun Injectors - 1 oz

Camp Chef Deep Fry Thermometers

Campfire or Grilltop Popcorn Popper

Campfire Tongs

Cast Iron - Smoker Box

Cast Iron Conditioner

Cast Iron Grill Press from Steven Raichlen

Char Crust Dry Rub Seasonings

Charcoal Companion - 13 inch Non-Stick Kabob Skewers - Set of 6

Charcoal Companion - 16in Tongs with Rosewood Handles

Charcoal Companion - 5 in 1 All purpose Spatulas wth Tongs

Charcoal Companion - Big Head Fish Spatulas

Charcoal Companion - Big Head Spatula

Charcoal Companion - Cast Iron Rectangular Grill Presses

Charcoal Companion - Cast Iron Round Grill Presses

Charcoal Companion - CC4012 Grill Brush Replacement Head

Charcoal Companion - CC4016 Grill Brush Replacement Head

Charcoal Companion - CC4016 Rosewood Grill Brush

Charcoal Companion - Chimney Starters - Black

Charcoal Companion - Compact Rosewood Handle Grill Brushes

Charcoal Companion - Digital Fork Thermometer w/ LED Spotlight

Charcoal Companion - Double Hamburger Presses

Charcoal Companion - Double Head Scrubber Brushes - Short Handle

Charcoal Companion - Dual Handle Monster Grill Brushes

Charcoal Companion - Explorer Folding Spatulas

Charcoal Companion - Explorer Folding Tongs

Charcoal Companion - Kabob Rack & Skewers - Black

Charcoal Companion - Mini-Burgers Set a/k/a/ Sliders w/ Single Press

Charcoal Companion - MiniCorn Holders

Charcoal Companion - Pizza Grill Pans

Charcoal Companion - Pro Chef Oak & Stainless Steel Fork

Charcoal Companion - Rosewood Corn Holders

Charcoal Companion - Rosewood Handle Double Prong Skewers - Set of 4

Charcoal Companion - Rosewood Steak Knives Sets

Charcoal Companion - Round Non-Stick Grilling Wok

Charcoal Companion - Triple Slider Presses

Charcoal Companion Cow Corn Holders, 4 Pairs

Charcoal Companion Dog Corn Holders, 4 Pairs

Charcoal Companion Electric Charcoal Starter

Charcoal Companion Pig Corn Holders, 4 Pairs

Charcoal Companion Wood Chip Sampler

Chicken Sitters - Black Glazed Porcelain

Chile Pepper Filler

Circle Kabob Skewers

Contoured Spatula

Cook Air Grill

Cowboy Flavor Buckshot BBQ Sauce

Cowboy Flavor Bunkhouse Beans

Deluxe Chrome Plated Turner/Tongs

Dexter Russell Sani-Safe 3 Piece Cutlery Set

Dial-A-Meat Marker Set

Digital Thermometer BBQ Fork

Disposable Grill Toppers

Double Square Cooking Iron

Drink N Plate

Dry Rub - Yummy Chicken Dry Rub

Duo-Glide 5 Inch Utility Knife from Dexter Russell

Duo-Glide 8" All-Purpose Chef's Knife by Dexter-Russell

Dutch Oven Special Offer

Dutch Oven Trivet

Easy way to control grilling on the grill - Tip

Ergonomic Cultivator

Extra Wide Cast Iron Grill Press

Fat Boy All Purpose Rub

Fat Boy All Purpose Rub - 24 oz

Fat Boy All Purpose Rub - 8 lb

Fat Boy Premimum Steak Rub

Fat Boy Sweet Rub

FlameX Leather Gloves - Pair

Football Corn Holder Set

Forged Skewers

Gas Grill - Get ready for grilling season

Golf Club BBQ Tool Set

Grate Chef Steaming Grill Brushes

Grid Lifters

Gridiron Tool Set

Grill Grate Kit - Hard Anodized

Grill Kicker

Grill Kicker refill cartridge 4 pack

Grill Spatula 3 X 6 Inch

Grill Station

Grilling Planks - 15 inch

Heavy Duty BBQ Apron

Hickory Wood Chips

High Output Single Burner Stove

Jack Daniel's Wood Smoking Chips

Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Charcoal

Jim Beam 4 Rack Digital Smoker

Keep the lid closed - Tip

Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves

Knee Pals - Knee Pads

Knife-Fork Combo from Dexter Russell

Large Calzone Press - by PizzaCraft

Large Smoker Box

Large Wood Chip Smoker Box

Larry The Cable Guy Barbecue Sauce - Coastal Chin Drippin

Larry The Cable Guy Barbecue Sauce - Heartland Gizzard Tickler

Larry The Cable Guy Barbecue Sauce - Hotter-N-Hell

Larrys Bag of Smoke

Larrys Smokin Sticks

Larrys Smokin Wood Chips-Disks

Laser BBQ Infrared Thermometer

LED BBQ Chef's Light

LED Grill Light Stainless Steel

LED Grilling Light - from Steven Raichlen

Lumatongs - Two Bright LED's on the Handle

Lumberjack Over Fire Grill

Magnetic Flexible Mini Grill Light

Maple Wood Smoking Chips

Maverick Remote Wireless Cooking Thermometer

Merlot Wine Soaked Oakwood Smoking Chips

Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

Moistly Grilled Infusion System - Set of 2 Boxes

NoKinks Hose Insert

Nylon Steak Knife Set by Victorinox - Pointed Tip

Nylon Steak Knife Set by Victorinox - Rounded Tip


OFF-ROAD GOLF® Ball Retrieval Tongs

Old Smokey Beercan Chicken Holders

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Thermometer

Ole Ray's Classic Gold BBQ and Cooking Sauce

Ole Ray's Peach-A-Licious Barbecue Sauce

Ole Ray's Rubb-It Dry Rub and Marinade

Outdoor Cooking Guide

Paul Kirk Rub - Large

Pepper Roasting Basket

Pig Powder Rub - Large

Pig Powder Rub - Small

Pit Mitt - Aramid Heat Resistant Glove

Pizza Grill Topper

Pizza Mitt

Pizza Pans - from PizzaCraft

Pizza Slice Server

Polder 3-in-1 Timer - Clock, Timer, Stopwatch

Polder Digital Sand Timer - Silver

Polder Safe Serve Instant Read Thermometer

Porcelain Grilling Grid

Pork-A-Licious Barbeque Sauce

Portable Kitchen Cook More Grid

Potato Grilling Rack

Potato People

Poultry Button Meat Thermometer

Poultry Button Meat Thermometer Four Pack

Poultry Roasting Set

Premium Poly Handle Set by Victorinox 6 Knife Set

Pro Accurate Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer

Quesadilla Basket

Raised toasting grill for Weber Barbecues

Redi-Check Remote Thermometer - Single Probe

Remote Smoker Thermometer

Reverse Sear - Tip

Reversible Non-Stick Rib Roasting Rack

ROLLA ROASTER - Telescoping Fork - Set of Two

Rolling Pizza Cutter

Rosewood Steak Knife Set by Victorinox - Rounded Tip

Round Ceramic Baking Stone

Round Cooking Iron

Sam's Smoker Pro

Secateur Pruner

Secret Sauce Basting Bowls

Sesame Teriyaki Spray Glaze from Steven Raichlen

Sharpening Steel by Victorinox

Single Square Cooking Iron

Slice n Dice Flexible Cutting Mats - Small

Sliders and Deluxe Mini Burger Set

Small Calzone Press - by PizzaCraft

Small Smoker Box

Smoke Pistol - High Heat - Red

Smoke Pistol - Standard - Red

Smoke Pistol Refill Cartridges 3 pack

Smoke Vault 18 inch Propane Smoker

Smoke Vault 24-inch Propane Smoker

Smoke Vault Natural Gas Kit

Smoker Grill Toppers - Rectangular

SmokinTex Model 1100 - Stainless Steel

SmokinTex PRO Series - Commercial Smoker

SmokinTex PRO Series - Stainless Steel Electric Smoker

Soil Scoop - Multi-Function Planting Trowel

Spacesaver Rib Rack

Stainless Beer Can BBQ Chicken Rack

Stainless Steel Chicken Roasters w/ Drip Pan

Stainless Steel Chimney Charcoal Starter

Stainless Steel Combination Vertical Roasting Rack and Wok

Stainless Steel Grill Scraper

Stainless Steel Grilling Grid

Stainless Steel Grilling Wok

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups - Basic

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups - Professional

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Stainless Steel Paella Pan from Steven Raichlen

Stainless Steel Reversible Rib and Roast Rack

Stainless Steel Wipes from Grate Chef

Stainless Steel Wood Chip Smoker

Stainless Steel Wood Skewer Shield

Stainless SteelLocking Tongs 12in

Standard Meat Thermometer

Steak Button Meat Thermometer Four Pack

Steak Button Thermometer

Steven Raichlen - 18 Inch Sauce Mop with Removeable Head

Steven Raichlen - Extra Long Suede Gloves

Steven Raichlen - Galvanized Sauce Bucket with plastic Insert and Sauce Mop

Steven Raichlen - Grid Lifter

Steven Raichlen - Insulated Food Gloves

Steven Raichlen - Sauce Mop Replacement Head - Set 2

Steven Raichlen - Signature Handle Spatula

Steven Raichlen - Signature Meat Shears

Steven Raichlen - Stainless Steel Seafood Rack

Steven Raichlen - Wood Chips - Beef Blend

Steven Raichlen - Wood Chips - Pork Blend

Steven Raichlen - Wood Chips - Poultry Blend

Steven Raichlen - Wood Chips - Seafood and Vegetables Blend

Steven Raichlen All Purpose Barbecue Rub

Steven Raichlen Kansas City Rub

Steven Raichlen Signature Stainless Steel Skewers 3/8" Wide

Steven Raichlen Ultimate Square Chimney Starter

Stove and Grill Accessory Set


Super Pepper Filler

Supreme Hand Sprayer

Sweet n Smoky Wood Chips

Texas Rib Rangers Barbecue Seasonings

Texas Rib Rangers Gourmet Steak Seasoning

Texas Rib Rangers Spicy Barbecue Seasoning

The best burgers - Tip

The Bradley Smoker - 4 Jerky Racks

The Scarecrow

The Standard - Steak Knife Set

The Standard Poly Steak Knife - Pointed Tip

The Standard Poly Steak Knife - Rounded Tip

The Twins - Beer Can Chicken Holders

The Unreel Hose Hanger

Three Level Smoker Rack

Tiger Pocket Saw

Tiger Trowel

Tomato Knife, Black Nylon, 4.25 in.

Turkey Cannon - Poultry Infusion Roaster

Tuscan Grill

Ultimate Non-stick Rib Rack

Ultimate Steak Sauce by Steven Raichlen

V Shaped Smoker Box For Gas Grills - Stainless Steel - Large

V Shaped Smoker Box For Gas Grills - Stainless Steel - Small

Venison Jerky Mixes

Venison Sausage Mix

Venison Seasoning

Victorinox - 4 inch. Paring Knife

Victorinox - 5” Black Fibrox® Boning Knife

Victorinox - 6” Black Fibrox® Fillet Knife

Victorinox 10 Inch Black Slicing Knife

Victorinox 8 Inch Cook's Knife

Victorinox 8 inch Slant Tip Bread Knife

Victorinox Camper Red Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox Premium 10 Inch Oval Knife Sharpener

Victorinox RescueTool

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

Victorinox- 3 inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

Voice Alert Remote Thermometer

Western Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Western Hardwood Lump Charcoal - 4 Pack

Western Red Hot Fire Starter

Western Reusable Smoker Trays

Wide Face Grill Brushes

Wine Barrel Chunks Smoking Chips

Wine Barrel Staves - Smoking wood for the grill

Wood Chip Soaker Set

Wood Handled Pizza Dough Cutter and Scraper

Y - Grid Cleaning Brushes

Yellow Handled Dough Cutter


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